Clyde Berg Heads and Motors

"There is no Substitute for a Good Head Job"

Welcome to CLYDE BERG HEADS and Motors

I am dedicated to providing my customers with the expertise that comes from my lifetime of experience and dedication to the Air Cooled Volkswagen.  I do anything from stock heads and motors to all out race heads and motor. I can help you make intelligent decisions on your motor combinations that will give you maximum performance and longevity at the best price. 

Engine Assembly and Complete Motors

I can build you the motor you have always wanted!! I personalize each motor I build. I offer you a custom tailored motor for your specific needs not just a one size fits all engine kit. With my years of experience and attention to detail I can build your motor to best suit the way you like to drive with the most useable power @ whatever RPM you want. Maximizing your dollars spent for the most reliability available. If it's a complete stocker to an all out Racer, I am the right choice to get it done right the first time.

I personally build all motors assembled @ CLYDE BERG HEADS and MOTORS

 Complete Cylinder Heads and Cylinder Head Labor
I offer complete heads for your Stocker or all out Racer. I can make you the heads that best compliment your project, heads that works right and deliver the most reliability and horsepower.  With years of experience, I can offer you the very best heads that money can buy. I also offer complete service and repair of any Type 1 cylinder heads. I have never seen a set of heads that I can't fix. I can do any labor on the heads, welding, seats installed, relocating plugholes, valve jobs, guides, redesign manifold angle, anything you can imagine I can do it. If you want it done right give me a call. All work is done by Clyde Berg

We are an official
GENE BERG distributor offering all products and services. Call or email for pricing and availability.
We are an official EMPI distributor offering all Empi products at a reasonable price. With my years of experience I can tell you what to expect with whatever product you need for your specific application. Many people say that Empi only sells cheap Chinese crap, well that is simply not true they offer many good quality parts.
We are an official CBPerformance distributor offering all products and services. Call or email for pricing and availability.

We can supply our customers all products offered by Scat call or email for pricing and availability